The beginning of all things

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming. Pour yourself a beverage, find a cosy chair and come with me as I open the door into my journey to life. I had this idea to start a blog a couple of years ago but never did, I guess I wasn’t in the season for writing. Today I went to visit a friend from Korea and she was telling me about her blog that she writes to inspire other Koreans who are living abroad. As she was speaking to me it sparked that desire to want to start a blog so here I am.

The purpose of my blog is to write and share with others about my faith as a Christian and my journey to where I am now and where I’m going. I love God with all of my heart and being and as most Christians I know have endured many hardships, tests and trials, yet the common theme is that God is the source that they can rely on to keep going in life and in their walk of faith. I want to inspire you and encourage you and to share my thoughts and feelings.

My journey has been a very long, painful, confusing and difficult journey, yet for the first time in my life I feel as though my life has just begun. I finally feel as though I’m starting to live, like I can stand with my arms stretched out wide, head up towards the sky smile and take a big breath of air into my lungs and laugh. I finally feel more alive than I have ever felt. I want my story to encourage you to keep fighting, to keep living, to keep hoping, to keep loving. I want it to reach into the deepest reservoir of your soul and heart and hopefully it will strike a place in there that will cause you to give life another chance or to chase after that dream or to love again, to forgive or just keep going. Life is not the sum total of our pain and sufferings but what we make of it during and after the storm. I hope and pray you find the peace joy, love and fulfilment that you desire. May Gods joy, peace and love abound to you ~ Jonda


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