Start somewhere, dream BIG

I’m not a genius but I’ve always been a dreamer, ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been a dreamer. Day dreaming was often the only time that I got to escape the reality that I lived in as a child and probably for most of my young adulthood I was always dreaming, creating imaginations inside my head of being successful, being famous, wealthy, being beautiful, being loved and being happy.

I would dream about what I would do and was always thinking about a world that was nowhere near my reality, nonetheless, I still kept daydreaming. My dreams seemed so far away, only imaginations, I wished and wished and longed for something more.

It’s only now at the age of 32 (soon to be 33) that I’m starting to make my dreams become a reality. I guess I got sick of familiarity, sick of being comfortable, sick of watching everyone else being happy and so I thought right, this is going to be my year where I choose to be the best at being me and do the best with what I have in front of me.

Earlier this year I had been praying and praying and crying out to God that “I don’t want to be the same anymore that I’m sick of doing the same things over and over, I’m sick of making the same mistakes and not getting anywhere in life, God I need You to take number one place in my heart and my life and lead me towards my destiny and calling for my life”.

Slowly before even knowing what was going on God started opening doors for me. I also had dreams and visions of what God was wanting to do in my life. I then changed my prayers to “God connect me with the right people who will help me fulfil my destiny”. More opportunities led to me connecting with amazing people that would speak into my life and prophesy over me.

So eventually, I got the message I knew what God wanted for my life but then how was I going to get there? See God had already spoken to me and showed me in one or more ways about what was going to happen in the future for my life and so the next part was up to me.

The ball was now in my court. What was I going to do with all these dreams? I was restless, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t figure out in my own head what I was going to do. Then God said “what will you do with what I’ve given you”? One of the dreams that I have had for many years now was to write a book, I had to start somewhere, anywhere so even though I didn’t know a thing about writing a book I posted on Facebook earlier this year asking for help about writing courses and how to get published and my aunt suggested that I write memoirs so…that’s what I did.

I started to write memoirs, then slowly God connected me with more people who shared the same passion and interest about writing and so birthed the idea of starting a blog. Mind you, I had this idea years ago to start a blog but see I didn’t do anything about it.

So once I stepped out and made the first small step by asking for help on Facebook, things have slowly progressed and next month I will be going to a seminar about how to get published and am enrolling in an 8 week online course about how to publish a book which I only came across last night when I was sent an unexpected email, however when I read the email I knew It was a sign from God that I had to act fast before the motivation left me. I’m so excited for what is ahead of me.

So NEVER stop dreaming, we have imaginations and dreams for a reason. We actually have the ability to create visual pictures of what we want to happen in our lives, this is a beautiful gift from God which is a powerful tool to use, it’s even more powerful when God gives you dreams of things to come.

If you have had dreams and visions, I encourage you to write them down and post them on your bedroom or bathroom wall or somewhere where you can look at them every day, pray and ask God about strategies and for connections to the right people, ask for help, google, do a workshop, study and do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality but you have to start somewhere, take small steps, network, connect with people but don’t leave it any longer, START NOW!

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