God can do anything

Today I heard an amazing testimony by a Pastor who had overcome a history of drug addiction and suicide. He became addicted to drugs from the age of 13 up into his mid 20’s. He shared his story of growing up in a Christian home and how the separation of his parents triggered him to thinking that he was unloved. That thought of feeling unloved became his reality as he searched for acceptance from friends, his older brother and drugs.

Thank God that this man had a praying mother who prayed and prayed for him as well as his two brothers who were also addicted to drugs.

Although this man grew up in a Christian home, his life turned out to be a walk into an eternal valley of death and suicide but God had bigger and better plans for him. He made it into teen challenge and surrendered his life to following Jesus and allowed God to show him a future and a hope and is now married with three children and is the head Pastor at a Church in Perth.

I sat and realised how humble this man was and couldn’t imagine him being an angry heroin addict who would want to commit suicide and die. His story is one that touched me and made me realise how wonderful and amazing God is. If God can turn this mans life around, He can do the same for you.

God can do anything you ask of Him but there is a cost, you must be willing to surrender to His plans and purposes for your life and allow Him to mould you into the amazing son or daughter that He created you to be. God loves you and has a plan and a purpose for you. If you allow Him to take over, He can do anything and transform the worst sinner into a new creation.


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