Are you comfortable?

You know we live in a world where we are so self centred and are so obsessed with me me me and gratifying our fleshly and worldy desires. We want to build our own empires while we walk past the dying, hungry and homeless on the street. I challenge you all to step out of your little box and your comfort zone (remember nothing ever grows in our comfort zone) this weekend and go out and do something for someone you haven’t seen for a while or a stranger.

Earlier this week I met a homeless man (I’ll share this story later) who had nothing and while we were waiting at KFC to order his meal he said these words “I just be grateful for what I have because there are people far worse off than me” I was slapped into reality with his comment, this man was homeless and he was grateful and was thinking about others worse off than him! He was talking about looking for work and finding a place to live I mean this man had also lost 2 children at very young ages there was more to his story but I was so humbled.

There are some people who have a set back in life or experience a tragedy and they use that as an excuse to not do anything in life, they just stay the same and never change because they are comfortable because God forbid if they have to go out of their way to help another person. You know what we call this? Pride. It’s the self conviction that you don’t have anything to offer or you can’t do anything or you don’t have any money or no time or worse you turn the other way and don’t bother.

So my friends, I challenge you. What are you going to do differently? Do you want to be mediocre or be the status quo or do you want to be different? The place to start is by going and blessing and loving on a stranger or an old friend. Have a blessed day. Make a REAL difference.

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