Everyone has a story



I guarantee that if you’re reading this then you have a story to tell.

Every body I meet or have ever met has a story to tell and it is unique to them. So why not share it with others?

In my home village and probably in most parts of my country, the art of story telling is alive and kicking. My family live in huts that my father builds, each hut is build for a specific purpose and for each family. There may be one for the family to sleep in with separated rooms for sleeping and there may be one for storage and there is usually one larger one called the “RaRa” that is kind of like a living room and dining area combined.

The RaRa is the meeting place where you sit and talk and eat and where all the guests and visitors sit. I have memories of my parents and family sitting in the RaRa for hours and hours talking, exchanging stories, eating, maybe lying down for a rest, the children in one corner playing with the babies, the other corner might be where my aunt or mother is peeling and preparing vegetables for the meal.

In my village there are no cars, no television, no electronic devices, no board games, no fridge, no entertainment except what is around us. We don’t have the houses that you see here in the western world, everything is made out of the resources that we find in nature and what God provides. The simple life is the only life in this place.

Since my family back in the village does not have all of the luxuries that the western world offers, they still have the art of story telling. They still have the art of sitting and talking and listening. My parents and grand parents would sit for hours and hours and all night talking and telling stories, these stories are passed down from generation to generation and told down through the ages and from elder to youngster.

Everyone has a story. For us who live in the western world, we are blessed with technology and book publishing and the means to be able to write, record and publish our stories. It is a gift and a privilege that my family back home do not have and I want to be the first in my family to write and record those stories and I can start by telling my story.

You too have a story to tell, are you going to tell it, if not it will die with you.




8 thoughts on “Everyone has a story

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, we really have lost the art of speech and communication, sitting and having coffees, eating together, even a hello as we pass each other by on the street. It really saddens me, however I believe that we can make small efforts to re-connect and learn how to talk again.

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    1. Hey I just want to say. I really enjoyed your blog! It’s so nice to connect with other bloggers, especially Christian ones. Keep going my friend. Iron sharpens Iron, we should encourage and lift one another up and share in life’s high and lows. Thank you for what you do. Keep shining your light for all.


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