What do you believe?

Isn’t it interesting how people are awed and wondered by the beauty of the cosmos, scientific discoveries, nature and think that it all came from a “big bang”.

They are happy to believe that the complex nature of the law of physics, gravity, the cosmos, stratoshphere, solar and planet systems, atoms, neurons and stars were all created from an explosion yet they don’t want to believe that there is a God that created all of this.

The truth is they simply don’t want to accept that there is a God who created the heavens and the earth and created man because if they were to accept that then they will have to accept that they are accountable to someone bigger than themselves.

They will have to accept that everything that shapes their reality, their education, their self taught convictions and beliefts will be rocked, shaken and challenged. People simply don’t want to admit that they are wrong or accept a belief system outside of their comfort zone and yet they want to believe that we all crawled out of swamps and just randomly appeared on the earth or that we were just one big accident.

I sympathise for those people because they do not know that they have a creator that loves them unconditionally. Once you have an encounter with Jesus, you will know who God is through His character and nature. Once you know Jesus, you will know your creator, The One who made you. The closer you get to know Jesus, the closer you are to The Father, The Creator and the more you become aware of how all of creation came to being.

God said “let there be light”, God never said stop, life is still being created, stars are still being born and created, planets are still being shaped, new species of plants and animals are being formed. So if there is a God then you have to question where is God, where does He live, who is He, what does He want from me and the questions are endless. Those questions will never be answered until you come face to face and encounter Jesus, because it is through the Son of God that you will know The Father and you will know the answers behind creation and why you are here. Wouldn’t you want to find out? ~ Jonda

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