When going through a storm



Last week I was going through a really tough time. I felt as though everything was caving in on me. I’ve had this feeling before but this time was different.

It was as though I was being split in two. It was like something was trying to separate my heart and spirit from my physical body. My flesh and body was being pulled one way, yet my heart and my spirit was trying to hold onto something else. It was quite excruciating.

I had been in this place for well over a week, probably about 10 days then on the 11th day I sat on my couch looking on my Messenger App and I saw a message in a group with someone asking for help. I knew I had to get up off my couch and do something but I just couldn’t get over these feelings and emotions that I had been experiencing. To be honest I was feeling pretty crap.

Someone I knew was asking for help with a young adult that they had just met who was struggling and needed somewhere safe to stay for a little while. I knew instantly I had to reach out and help, I had to make sure that this person was safe but yet I just felt led to get off the couch and go and meet this friend and the young lady.

On the way there I remember praying, I didn’t know what I was doing but I asked God to give me peace about the young lady when I got there and met her.

I met this friend and the young lady at a café near the city and waited.

Eventually they arrived, we ordered and chattered and I heard about the young lady’s story. I had a peace come over me and I felt I wanted to help this young lady, I felt compassion and I could see that it was a divine appointment.

I learnt something important about that day.

Helping Others

By helping others, we help ourselves.

I was no longer pre-occupied with how miserable I had been feeling and how horrible this storm was in my life, I was able to take my eyes off myself and focus on someone else.

It’s not that all of a sudden my troubles went away but I just wasn’t drowning in my own emotions. It wasn’t until days later when the storm lifted a little that I could see that God sent me this young lady to give me a focus and a purpose and to stop the temptation of running away from the call and destiny over my life.

I had experienced so much breakthrough in my life this year and I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing what I was going through again, however God was testing me. I was being put through the fire and being tested and in my trouble I cried out to God and said “God please don’t let me do anything stupid, God please don’t let me stumble and fall” and he sent me someone that needed some love and help.

It was through my helping and blessing someone else that I was blessed far above than I could think of. I experienced a peace I didn’t expect.

Whatever you are going through, take a leap of faith and go and help someone in need, do something that is opposite and contrary to what you are experiencing. As you take invest your time into someone else’s life, I know you will experience a lighter burden.

Storms will certainly come but it’s our ability to dance in the rain that will shape us. Blessings ~ Jonda

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