Say NO to distractions



Just recently I set a goal for myself, a goal that I know is going to accelerate me into something big. A goal that is going to accelerate me into accomplishing one of my many dreams. Now I’m only a few days into this goal, or this challenge and there is this momentum and desire to see this goal fulfilled and to see what will come out on the other side of the challenge.

I’ve set myself a target goal for 21 days then 40 days then eventually 90 days to eventually see some massive results. I am so determined right now that I cannot afford to be distracted, I literally have to hide away for a little bit and say no to certain things like dinners and social events, church and ministry events just to see this baby through.

If you’re in the same boat all I can say is keep going! You can do this, write down your goal and put it up so you can look at it every day so that you can see the progress that you are making. Make time every day to focus on this dream, this goal, this challenge or plan you have.

The key here is saying no to the distractions and enduring through your challenge, for some of you it may be a 2 week, 3 week, 40 day or 90 day challenge whether it be fitness, health, dieting, writing, planning a business, building a house or something else. DO NOT COMPROMISE, this is the most crucial point right now when you’re about to birth a baby, your dream into reality. DO NOT GIVE UP. GO, GO, GO! I believe in you!

So when your friends, family and people ask you where you are or what you’ve been doing, you can tell me “I’m building my dream”. Just imagine what they will say when you accomplish your goal and you can look back at the journey and the hard work and the effort you put into your dream. It’s so worth it, each day, each step, you get closer and closer to that dream. Reach for the stars my friends!




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