Got a creative spark?

Hey I just wanted to encourage you to keep dreaming and exploring your creative side. Whether it be picking up that instrument, a paint brush, getting out your jazz shoes, camera or maybe it’s taking that photography course that you’ve been thinking about.

Whatever it is, each of us were made with a creative side and guess what?! Being creative is fun, it’s actually part of our DNA.



Now for some people, being creative is not just about the arts and music. Some people use their creative gifts for business, making money, architecture to even planning and infrastructure for building towns.

There is endless possibilities for creativity. If you’re day dreaming and always coming up with ideas then you are a creative person, if you know how to cook a great meal and invite friends and people over for drinks and entertainment then you are a creative person.

SERIOUSLY, there is endless potential. So explore that creative side and see what happens! I guarantee that you will have fun. GO FOR IT ~ Jonda

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