Stop waiting for God when He’s done it all


The biggest mistake/excuse we can make as Christians is to say “I’m waiting on God”. Now there is a time and place for waiting on God, yes. I believe that. But hasn’t Jesus done everything for us on the cross, so what are we waiting for? We have inherited so much. We can sometimes “wait on God” when He’s waiting for us to get up and do something.

Faith without works is dead so if we’re sitting around for months, years saying “I’m waiting” and not stepping out in faith then there’s going to be a lot of stagnant water and you won’t bear any fruit and God cannot do anything unless you’re willing to do your part. Take that first step of faith, then the next step, then the next step, but keep moving forward. DON’T STAND STILL for too long.

Get up and do something. The only way I was going to go out and win souls and to Evangelize was by stepping out even with my doubts and fears but I know I had the desire to do it and I knew what the Word of God said about faith without works is dead and to go out and preach the gospel, heal the sick etc. so I thought well God, I’m stepping out in faith and I expect that you’re going to meet me where I’m at.

I didn’t win any souls in my first try, I stood back and watched and learned and started with giving words of knowledge and treasure hunting and then boom, I had one victory and it sparked so much joy and excitement in me that I wanted to keep doing it.

Each time I stepped out, I learned something new and I praised God and gave myself a pat on the back for trying. I just kept going until I saw results and now I’m so thankful I stepped out. Same with everything in my life, you have to work hard, you have to make an effort and often you fail and fail and fail until you get a victory and then it gets better.

EVERY TIME this year that I’ve stepped out in faith (faith in GOD, not in my owns strength) I have been blessed immensely, I’ve have favour on my life and my gift as a worshiper and Evangelist and now I’ve taken a big leap of faith in pursuing being an author.

I can’t see what’s in front of me or what tomorrow holds but I don’t need to worry about that because that’s God’s role. He sees the end from the start and everything in between, all I have to do is trust him, do my part, step out in faith and He will do the rest because I know that If I stumble, I will stumble into His grace and mercy and love and He will pick me up again and lead me on because that is His job. That is the wonderful God that He is.

We need to led go of our pride and our need for constant control of our environment and lives but God tells us not to lean on our own understanding.

Take a deep breath, step out and let God do the rest, everything else will fall into place but let God do His job. ~ Jonda


let go and let god04-15-15-doing-business-with-god-take-a-step-of-faith-at-work_minifaith

3 thoughts on “Stop waiting for God when He’s done it all

  1. I am highly impressed and grateful to be following your blog.
    I am sincerely impressed in your level of understanding and faith in God, its really entriguing.
    You inspire me to work on my relationship with Christ, but my constant problem is that I usually give up on every crisis. I can hardly stand strong in my relationship with him, although I try but I still stumble..
    Seriously am almost giving up now


    1. My friend it is a journey. Rest in Him and trust Him to lead you. Sometimes we try to do things in our own strength instead of relying on His. Sometimes it helps to take a break from our schedules and do something different or fun, exercise, art or music classes. Do something for you and do the little things that bring you joy and peace. He is with you. You only need to rest.

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