Give it a go, you just never know


I’ve been unwell for a good 10 days or more and I’m still recovering so not a lot of writing has been done over that time. However, I’ve had plenty of time to think, to think and think some more, to ask God some questions and seek Him about a few things.

One thing I always seek God about is “Lord is what I’m doing giving You Glory”? and “Is what I’m doing taking me closer to Your calling on my life”?

I’ve been thinking about some open doors that God has created in terms of my worship. I’m ever so thankful. Earlier this year, I would pray specific prayers and one of those prayers was for God to open divine doors, bring divine connections with people that will be a part of my journey, purpose and calling for my life.

I’ve literally not had to do anything except step out in faith and God has done the rest and brought so many people into my life. There has been divine connections and appointments and my worship has accelerated like never before.

I didn’t have to do anything except to be obedient, to pray, worship Him, to listen to His voice and wait for His leading and the prompting of The Holy Spirit then step out. Even when there’s been doubt and uncertainty, I step out and I ask God to meet me.

To be completely honest, I have not always been on target and that’s because I’ve tried to do things in my own strength or I’ve just sought after “opportunities” and to be recognised when that is not necessary. I don’t need to do that.

God has been telling me “WAIT”.

God will exalt the humble.

Matthew 23:12 ~ For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted (NIV).

1 Peter 5:6 ~ Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time (NIV).

There is a reason why the bible speaks of being humble and one of them is so that we live a quiet and meek life in character and that we are not exalting ourselves and being prideful.

So whatever God is asking you to do or whatever The Holy Spirit is prompting you to do, pray first, step out in faith and ask God to meet you and He will. You just never know what will come out of your step of faith. Go for it, you can do it. What have you got to loose? Nothing, you will only learn, whether good or bad, you will learn.


Blessings ~ Jonda


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