Yielding to God and enduring the fire

Fire, heat and pressure are all essential elements to producing quality diamonds and gems. These are also elements to creating, refining, redefining and shaping a person’s character.
You can’t expect quality and character without standing in the fire and ENDURING. Similarly if we’re praying and asking God about things, expect to be tested and put through the fire.
God WILL shape you in the fire but He will sustain you, you will come out the other end better than you were before IF you YIELD to God.
The purpose of God shaping you in the fire is to get you ready to RECEIVE the blessings, the breakthrough and to prepare you for the next season, chapter, assignment or whatever you are being called to. It’s a painful process but absolutely essential if you want to minister to others and be a leader, forerunner for Jesus.
You MUST go through the process. Be encouraged friends. God’s taking some of you into a higher and deeper lever. He’s going to put burdens on your heart and mantles upon you that will be heavy, weighty and He expects us to yield to Him, in that yielding we actually allow God to do what He needs to do to prepare us. The load then becomes light and then we start running. I see many people taking on new things now and in 2018.
To whom much has been given, much is required. Persue excellence, allow God to shape your character and get rid of self promotion, self glory and jealousy, envy, strife, doubt and anything that is not of God.
Let people and things go. This is a time to YIELD and ENDURE as God pours out His love and His Spirit onto you.
Love and blessings ~ Jonda

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