Connecting with the body of Christ


I just got off the phone with a friend, a fellow sister in Christ and towards the end of our conversation I expressed to her that we really need to connect the north of our city with the south of our city and spread the love. I said that it’s great that we are all connecting with different churches and supporting and loving one another and encouraging one another.

So often, we get caught up ‘doing’ church and just living from Sunday to Sunday without having proper and meaningful relationships with one another. One thing that I am seeing more and more these days and maybe it’s just in my home city but God is placing the desire in people’s hearts to reach out and step out of the four walls of their church building and connect with others.

God’s church, the bride of Christ is a people, His people, not a building. Jesus isn’t coming back for a building with four walls, He’s coming back for His bride which is the body of Christ, it’s us, it’s believers of Jesus Christ.

So why not get together, why not connect. I believe in this day and age God wants to use the churches by uniting them and bringing them together to carry out His work. Each of us belongs to a large puzzle, a large tapestry that God is weaving together, we cannot do life without one another, it’s time to stop playing church and break out of the four walls that we’ve been conditioned into being restrained by and work together.

So start that coffee club, connect group, men’s group or bible study group and start connecting in each others homes on a more deeper and personal level. I dare you to visit another church, I dare you to go to a conference and make some new friends while you’re there, I dare you to ask that couple down the road over for dinner. I challenge you…step out in faith and connect, God will meet you in the middle right where you’re at and He will reveal to you more and more, His bigger picture of what He wants to do through your life and the life of others around you. ~ Blessings Jonda


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