From the depths into the light


The pictures above explain how I feel right now!!!

A seed that’s been buried underground for so long, has broken through the dark and dirt to reach up towards the light and I’m learning to stand tall and be confident. I’m starting to show signs of sprouting, life, fruit, flowers etc. but it’s hard at this stage as I decide whether I’m going to keep pushing through or let go, die and wither.

God is challenging me by actually answering my prayers hahaha!!! I asked Him to show me purpose and my destiny and BAM!!! He gives it to me.

Just got off the phone with someone who has had a big impact in my life in the short space that I’ve known them and whom I highly respect and has personally offered to mentor me in business.

I’m so excited yet I know I have to push myself to do some hard work…starting by resurrecting the gifts of art and creativity which I buried and hid for so long…right now I’m rejoicing and crying at the same time hahaha.

I’m about to free fall into the world where dreams come true yet in the free fall I know God will catch me and guide me as I learn to be vulnerable, surrender and let go. Dreams are real but will they stay dreams or become our reality?!? I have heard that if your dreams don’t scare the heck out of you then baby you ain’t dreaming big enough!!! 2018 I’M READY for this!!!  

Friends are you ready to not just dare to dream but to dare to make your dreams become a reality in 2018?

Be blessed! ~ Jonda

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