On Australia Day…

I understand that some may celebrate Australia Day and others do not. I have been in two minds and reflecting on this day. I would like to think that It is a day that brings the nation together in unity, however I am aware that the nation is divided as to whether Aus day is a day to be celebrated or not as it was the day that the british invaded this land.

I don’t make this post to offend anyone but only to personally honour the indigenous people of this nation and my indigenous friends and family.
I’d also like to honour the many friends and people in my life from across the world that have called Australia home.

I am so blessed to call Australia my home but I cannot help but be reminded of the cost of our freedom and the costs that was once payed to be able to live in this great nation. Yes it saddens me yet I must look to the future and what I can do as an individual, as a Christian, as a mother, as a leader, as a daughter, sister, friend and as a member of our community and society to help bring more unity, love and peace in my home, my family, in my church and in every sphere that I influence.

Why? Because I feel it’s my duty. I feel it’s everyone’s duty to work towards love and unity and peace.

I’ve been called a racist and a bigot from a christian pastor once when I posted a similar post on Aus day a few years back and I was deeply hurt by their words because this was someone that I respected highly. So if this post offends anyone then I’m sorry.

My hope for this post is to encourage others to just think more deeply about Aus day. That it also be a day that we spend with our loved ones and celebrate the freedom we have in this great southern land of The Holy Spirit.

I do hope that we also acknowledge the past and that although many of us were not directly involved in past events, we show compassion and love and acceptance to those who may still be affected. That we also pursue love towards our fellow brothers and sisters and that we promote peace, hope and unity towards those who are still suffering to this day.

Let’s also respect those who do not wish to celebrate Aus day.

Please think twice before you comment on this post and be mindful of others. This is not an opportunity to complain or enter into political and social debates that will bring tension and discourse.

Have a great long weekend, be safe on and off the roads. Remember that with one smile, one kind gesture, one hug, one hello and with one hand you can make a difference to someone’s life. You can be the light that they were searching for yet didn’t know it ~ Jonda

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