Well, I have not written in quite a few months. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I lost my desire and passion to write, I got distracted by someone and invested a lot of emotional time with this person to the detriment of my own peace of mind. I had to make a very hard decision to let that person go.

I’m thankful for the experience and boy have I learnt a lot!

That happens sometimes, life takes over as we get lost in worldly cares.

I’m thankful that God was there as a source of help so that I cry out to and talk to and let him heal me.

So…here’s to a new season of re-discovering myself in a new way… during that time I was not writing and sharing on the blog, I experienced some highs and lows and have had mostly wonderful times and I hope to share about some of those experiences shortly.

Whatever life brings, don’t give up, let go and be thankful to God for your life and the things that you are blessed with right now, be thankful for the lessons.


Be blessed ~ Jonda



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