Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day yesterday:

Sometimes I hate Mother’s Day because I miss my mum and I feel as though sometimes I am motherless. My Aussie mum isn’t the mother I need her to be and is just not around and never calls to say hi or see how I’m going even though we live 20 minutes apart. Not even a visit at my house to have a cup of tea or just chat…God knows how much that would mean the world to me. It’s so hard to love her, but I do because she’s been there for me when I’ve hit rock bottom (sometimes). She’s just always been the one that’s been mostly constant. She’s taught me many wonderful and great things but we are miles apart from each other. I still have to honour her and I’m grateful for her in my life.


This is my favourite pic of my beautiful PNG mother and Callum days after he was born. Mum came over from PNG and delivered Callum on my bed in Hamilton Hill. She’s amazing. I cried like a big sook but mum had 7 kids lol. Superwoman. Thanks mum I get your beautiful looks and great hair, kind and compassionate heart. I miss you every day that we are not together. I wish I was never adopted sometimes and stayed in the village with you. I do my best to be thankful for this life and my journey as devastating as it has mostly been…Friday after church I cried all the way home because I miss you…oh well…some things we’ll never know the answers too. All I know is I know I love you forever and all I long for is to hug you and cry on your shoulder and to sit next to you and talk about life. Happy mums day ❤️

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