Harry & Meghan’s wedding

What I learnt from Harry and Megs wedding: I did not hear the amazing preaching of the priest but I heard it was on fire.

I never read tabloid magazines or follow the news on what celebrities are doing unless they pop up on my news feed lately it’s been celebrities coming to Christ or doing charitable deeds in the world. I don’t follow the royal family affairs, I let them be and respect their privacy by not reading gossip about them. I was however very intrigued when I heard Harry was dating Megan because I have seen her face before and I knew she was ethnic.

True love is not a respecter of the past, the future, race, ethnicity, faiths, beliefs or skin tone. True love has no boundaries. True love often breaks the very boundaries of customs and traditions by bringing people together, it can bring people together who would not normally associate with one another.

Love is creative, love has no boundaries, only the boundaries that we place upon it. Love cannot be contained or restrained. Love will always endure. Love is a verb, it must be expressed, it must be put into action.

The wedding was not about black and white, I could say it was a proud moment in black history but no because it’s not about colour, it’s a proud moment in history to see two people who against what seemed all odds break the boundaries of tradition and criticism and make a lifelong commitment to one another. I know Prince Harry would have taken this very seriously and thought about what he was doing. I respect him for that, for standing up and being a man.

It was indeed a beautiful ceremony and moment in history for the whole world to behold.

I’m sure it’s the most anticipated and will be the most talked about wedding for a long time because it was a sign of times to come and what’s happening in our world today. Unity, change, the old things passing away and everything becoming new.

To the people who’ve criticised the wedding and made it clear to state they don’t give two cents about the wedding, all good, I don’t judge but you missed out on celebrating unity, love and happiness and an awesome moment in history.

And so looking forward to seeing how they impact the world with their humanitarian work and charities. So glad Harry met a woman who shares a passion for helping others.

May they live happily ever after!!!

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